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Aims & Objectives


The following aims and objectives have been formulated to achieve our stated ministry and mission:

    1. Aims:
  • To deepen, strengthen and enrich each student’s faith and commitment to Christ.
  • To help the students develop the ability to assess by addressing relevant issues.
  • To challenge them to grapple with the prophetic thrust of Christian faith.
  • To help them discover and develop their ministerial skills, gifts and abilities.
  • To teach them the Word of God and help discover the will and call of God.
  • To train young men and women for various full-time ministries in the Church.
  • To edify the Church and Society through its lay theological education programme and other ministries.
  • The College seeks to inspire the students to adopt its motto, “Service to God and Humankind” as the guiding principle of their lives. In all its academic degree programmes the College maintains the standards set by the Senate of Serampore College (University).
  • The College endeavours to train people to become theologically mature and to be committed to Christian discipleship in the world.
    2. Objectives:
    - At the end of the programme, the students are expected to be competent in the knowledge of:
  1. The Bible, for a transforming ministry and their own Christian heritage.
  2. Practical theology and aspects of Christian living.
  3. Basics of Christian doctrines with special emphasis on Reformed, Evangelical and Charismatics perspective.
  4. The content and interpretation of the Bible. 5) The major concepts of missiology.
  5. History of Christianity to give a conceptual frame-work for their understanding of the Christian mission and doctrines.
  6. The major world religions, traditions and cultural trends in order to equipt the students to minister in a pluralistic context.